1. Baby Girl

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    Venus, bussin that pussy open since the renaissance

    ^^ Lmao

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    Grimes, Pitchfork 2014

    Oh shit

    She’s so badass live!

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    Oregon country fair! see you next year, thanks for the love, happiness, and beautiful adventures.

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    this won’t get 1% of the women’s version of this post.Β 

    the world we live in, and people in general don’t care about men. we are pretty much robots who aren’t allowed to show emotion. we’re taught from a young age that boys don’t cry.Β 

    fact is women are sexualised, men are idealised. because men can’t be raped because they’re big and strong right? right? yea, pretty much the idiots view of living.Β 

    signal boost this shit

    reblogging because I cannot stand when people act like women are the only things in the world

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    J A Y K A YΒ 

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    Sooooooooooooooooo cute awwwwww

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    Jasmine | Illustration By: destroyer

    oops I did a thing.

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