1. Too Young (Sintra) - Flume x Peezy

    Added A Little More To The Already Dope Track, “Sintra” By The Talented Artist Flume Off His Self Titled Album.


  2. Excape Plan (Higher) [Unfinished] - Peezy Phillips


  3. Catastrophic - Peezy Phillips

    Check Out My New Sounds, i Got A Lot Of New New Stuff On The Way But This Just Something I Threw Together For Right Now. Slap, Let Me Know What You Think And Share. Much Love.



  4. Telegraph Ave. (“Oakland" By Lloyd) - Childish Gambino - Because the Internet

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    .5 dab sour diesel sap by pure blossom essentials smoking with pure blossom essentials


    Respect Bruh

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  7. I Got A Sticker

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  9. Im proud to say i was raised in Berkeley California


    And every where i go people can tell im a stoner from California.
    I love being able to say im from the Bay

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  11. The Lone Van In The North (Taken with instagram)

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  13. Based God x Rappa Ternt Sanga

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    undisclosed location, Berkeley, CA

    Berkeley, My City

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  15. Tele

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