1. Almost Forgot I Had This 😏😲 S/o @offendingmacawnaycha

  2. Happy Birthday #MJ

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    .5 dab sour diesel sap by pure blossom essentials smoking with pure blossom essentials


    Respect Bruh

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  4. #WhiteWidow

  5. #GDP The Smell Alone Is Crazy

  6. #LatePost (Taken with Instagram)

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  8. Since I Still Cant Go To The Club By My House, I Had To Call And Have My Meds Delivered (Taken with instagram)

  9. Damn His Eyes Made My Eyes Water

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  10. My Ashtray Gettin Full (Taken with instagram)


  11. Smoking..

    Currently, Gettin Highed.

  13. Red Transparents (Taken with instagram)

  14. Blue Dream, Currently

  15. Blue Dreamin