1. Get By - Peezy Phillips


  2. Catastrophic - Peezy Phillips

    Check Out My New Sounds, i Got A Lot Of New New Stuff On The Way But This Just Something I Threw Together For Right Now. Slap, Let Me Know What You Think And Share. Much Love.


  3. Well Since It’s Still #Tbt I Guess Now As Good A Time As Any To Post Some New Old Shit. Just Made A Soundcloud And Uploaded Some Shit I Never Released From Like 2011 So If Your Interested Go Check It Out One Time For The 1 Time. Link In Bio But It’s /PeezyPhillips “Keep In Mind That I’m An Artist, And I’m Sensitive About My Shit” lol 🙌✌️

  4. #LatePost #Thanksgiving

  5. My Ashtray Gettin Full (Taken with instagram)


  6. Smoking..

    Currently, Gettin Highed.


  7. Black Friday

    You Probably Thought This Post Was Gone Be About My Shopping Experience Today For Black Friday, However Its About Work -___- I Had To Work At Macys Today For Black Friday And That Shit Was Long As Fuck. I Came In At 1130pm And Got Off At 930 This Morning. Niggas Was Really Running Up The Escalator Once The Doors Opened And I Had To Work One Of The Registers And The Lines Were Long As Shit. However Something Good Did Come From This Fucked Up Shift, I Managed To Get My Black Cement 3s From Footlocker At 4:20 Am On My Lunch Break (420 lol) With No Line Or Nothing Just Walked In And Got Em. Swag Me The Fuck Out. But After I Got The Shoes That Gave Me The Energy I Needed To Work Another 5 Hrs

  8. Red Transparents (Taken with instagram)

  9. Current Work Station (Taken with instagram)

  10. Blue Dream, Currently

  11. Blue Dreamin


  12. Me And Mary Jane Made It Legal!!

    Finally Got My Card, And Walkin Into The Dispensary Had Me Feeling Like A Kid In The Candy Store. First Day Copped An 1/8 Of Space Queen From BPG, And Today I Just Went To Another Club By My House And Got A $50 1/8 Of Gumbo Kush #FIRE!! Idk Why I Waited So Long To Get A Card, Im Loving This Shit

  13. I Bar Shit

  14. KPeezy And TK The General On The Road: Pt. 1 One Of The Dopest Smoking Rooms Ever, So We Did A Lil Tour. You Can Box It And There’s A Fan System Set Up To Air It Out, But That’s Not Even The Dopest Part, It’s All About Location…

    (*Sounds Hella Low*)